Different Perspective

I just watched a FB live that has left me feeling full of emotions and tears rolling down my face.

It not only bought up my own “stuff” but it also made me really feel for others out there that feel this way, it hurt my heart a little! I feel so overwhelmed right now I don’t even know where to begin….

The video was about people shitting on your ideas and dreams and how for the most part it’s not about you it’s about them. You’re going to shine a light on their insecurities if you succeed right?

It got me thinking, Am I ultimately the biggest person shitting on my own dreams? Is it my own self-doubt? Or is it about others?? Hmm that’s something else to work on!

I am an extremely deep thinker and even deeper feeler! This has got me feeling and thinking so much that I can physically feel my body taking in these emotions and shaking them all up inside of me. It sure has hit me right in the “feels”.

Its reminded me of the constant voice tapping me on the shoulder telling me I have more to give to this world, I have so much to offer. I don’t want to live a life full of only thoughts and procrastination. My hurdle has always been that I just have no idea how I can do all the hundreds of things running through my head, how can little ole me make a difference in this world?

I want to be an action taker, I want to be an incredible role model for my children, I want to inspire others, I want others to be happy, I want others to see themselves as I do. I want people to touch on a place in their thoughts and feelings in which they may have buried. I want for so many things…..

As somebody once dear to me said “Amy has a way of showing me to look at my stresses and worries from a different perspective”.

Maybe it’s as simple as that.

Maybe THAT’S the value I have to offer this world,

Maybe a different perspective is exactly what others need and it might help them more than I assume it will. I think writing this may have triggered a different perspective towards myself, could it really be as simple as a different perspective??!

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