Journaling 101




Ever wonder how it is that some people you met in your life have such a strong sense of clarity in their’s?

Ever wonder why some people take phenomenal leaps in healing and letting go?

Ever wonder how some people are so cool, calm and collected?

Ever wonder how so many people over the net these days are creating killer content that just keeps coming?

Ever wonder why some people are so positive about so many things in life?

I can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience journaling can help with all of the above. Journaling is a free and non judging expression. There are no limitations, rules or expectations. It’s pretty magical actually.

In this booklet you will find tangible tools and information to turn your journaling game from non existent to strong! Or even if you already journal, this will give you even more tools to take it to the next level.

Inside you will find a little about me and why I cant get enough of journaling, how journaling has saved me from my own insanity, how it can benefit you, my tips on making it easy so it flows, and last but not least a bunch of journal prompts to get you on your way or even in the moments you feel blocked up.



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